ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Does the company have training and development programmes for its employees?



 The Company is committed to improving the performance of the Group, including the employees of its subsidiaries.  The Company recognizes the benefits of trainings and development programs for the employees to grow and develop their skills and talents.   

For General Welfare and Development, the Company has the following activities:

1. Professional Development Trainings conducted by DM Consunji Technical Training Center to the DMCI Group of Companies:

a. Professional Development Seminars
b. Basic Safety Orientation Program
c. Basic Occupation Safety and Health
d. Quality of Work Life Seminars
e. Performance Management, Leadership and Succession training
f. Foremanship Program
g. Team Building Programs
h. Administrative Programs
i. Behavioral, skills and technical courses
j. Engineers Development Programs

2. Club Participations of Officers and Employees

a. Management Association of the Philippines
b. Public Relations Society of the Philippines
c. Golf Clubs
d. Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry
e. Philippine Overseas Construction Board
f. International Association of Business Communicators
g. Institute of Corporate Directors
h. United Architects of the Philippines

3. Activities of each subsidiaries such as:
a. Fellowships among management and key officers of subsidiaries
b. Corporate planning sessions
c. Team building activities


1. Website - Corporate Governance/Company Policies/Training and Development Activities

2. 2015 Annual Corporate Governance Report (pages 51-52)




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