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Does the company explicitly disclose the health, safety, and welfare policy for its employees?


YES. The Company has adopted and disclosed its Health and Safety and General Welfare Policy for its employees.  It is posted in the website and annual report of the company.

Health and Safety Policy Statement 

a. Coverage under a health care maintenance program/insurance

b. Coverage under a group term life and accident insurance

c. Provide annual physical examinations, free medical consultations and health facilities.

d. Wellness facilities such as gym, basketball and badminton courts

e. Engage employees to participate in sports and recreation programs

f. Each subsidiary must set to seek the highest standard of safe working environment for their respective employees.  A measuring program of the results and performance for health and safety must be established and implemented to monitor the effectiveness of each programs.


General Welfare and Development Policy

a. Annual team building and socialization events to promote camaraderie and positive interaction among employees and subsidiaries

b. Support employees to their participation on clubs and organizations outside the Company to be able to further develop their skills and maintain contacts with colleagues in the industry.

c. Provide in-house and outsourced trainings and seminars 

d. Provide performance-based profit sharing mechanisms that directly align rewards and incentives to employees with the financial results of the company. Also, a part of our performance-enhancing incentive is to ensure that deserving and senior professional employees are allotted representation in the board of directors of our major operating subsidiaries.

The Company is committed to continually improving the health and safety of its employees. Therefore, the Company endeavors to ensure that all regulations and codes of practice relative to health and safety are being complied with. It requires its subsidiaries board to formulate its respective policies relating to health, safety and welfare of its employees.



1.  Website - Corporate Governance/Company Policies/Health and Safety and General Welfare Policy

2. 2015 Annual Corporate Governance Report (page 50)

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