ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Does the company disclose the activities that it has undertaken to implement the above mentioned policies? Creditors' rights


YES. The Board has adopted the policies on Creditors’ rights which were uploaded on the company’s website. The key management has discussed the implementation, procedures and monitoring of this policy and cascaded it to its operating subsidiaries.

The Company’s capital management strategy is to ensure that it maintains a strong credit rating and healthy capital ratios in order to support its business and maximize shareholder value. The Company manages its capital structure and makes adjustments to it, in light of changes in economic conditions. To maintain or adjust the capital structure, the Company may adjust the dividend payment to shareholders or issue new shares. The Company is not subject to any externally imposed capital requirements.

It is the Company’s policy to disclose information on whether it has complied with the loan covenants it has entered into with its lenders and all collaterals and guarantees of the loans. Such information is part of the audited financial statements attested by an independent external auditor.

The Company regularly monitors and discloses in its annual and quarterly reports the relevant financial ratios that report the soundness of the Company’s ability to service its debt and maintain a healthy financial position. The ratios which the Company monitors closely include among others, current ratio, debt to equity ratio and interest coverage ratio.



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