ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Does the company disclose the activities that it has undertaken to implement the above mentioned policies? Interaction with the communities


YES.  Through our subsidiaries and affiliates, we empower the local communities where they operate by providing employment, livelihood opportunities and basic services that will help improve their quality of life. 

Our Community Approach

Our approach to our stakeholders is guided by the following:

• Building positive community relations by being an active player in the society

• Identifying opportunities for partnership with the communities to create shared values 

• Investing in community developments that will benefit the community and be sustainable in the long-term

• Valuing the diversity of the stakeholders, respecting their culture and aspirations as we strive for long-term outcomes.

• Sharing the economic benefits with local communities by maximizing opportunities for local procurement and local employment.

• Encouraging community led initiatives in the areas of economic and social development, environmental protection, and community involvement in decision making.

Our Focus AREAS:

We focus our social contributions on five key areas, which we believe are crucial to creating long-term value for our stakeholders - Infrastructure, Education and Training, Welfare and Livelihood, Environmental Stewardship and Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief. 



1. Community Interaction Policy (Amended March 2016)

2. Corporate Social Responsibility activities 

3. 2015 Consolidated Changes to the Annual Corporate Governance Report (pages 48-49)


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