ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Does the company disclose the activities that it has undertaken to implement the above mentioned policies? Customer health and safety



The Company and its subsidiaries are committed to protecting our customers’ safety and welfare by dealing with them in fairly and professional manners.

As implied in our Customer Welfare Policy,  we abide by all applicable laws and regulation and adopt global standards wherever applicable. 

Our group has established various programs and activities to better serve our clients and customers as described:

1. Delivery of products and services – our coal products are delivered based on agreed quality and contracted delivery schedule; equipped with  modern facilities which conform with the International Organization for Standardization and the American Society for Testing

2. Customer data is treated with utmost confidentiality in all business transactions of the Company’s subsidiaries.

3. Customers are given access to conduct site visits to our mining and power sites and property developments. 

4. Our residential development business has established an information campaign called “Feels Real Good to Know” on frequently asked questions and concerns on property management such as  association dues, real estate property tax, unit warranty, among others

5. Customer Care, the after-sales service of our residential development business, is a commitment to provide  with thriving, living communities that grow with their needs and demands 

6. Using the internet technology, DMCI Homes created, the official and online lifestyle portal for DMCI Communities and residents. This online site features the various property developments, food and home making tips, health and wellness, among others.  

7. The contact details of our Investor Relations Group are posted in the website and serve as the avenue for shareholders and clients to communicate with the Company.

8. The Whistleblower Policy has a reporting channel posted in the company website to encourage stakeholders and the public who believe they have discovered any malpractice or impropriety by Officers and employees of the Company. 



1. Website - Corporate Governance/Company Policies - Customer Welfare Policy

2. Websites of the Compay's subsidiaries.

3. 2015 Consolidated Changes to the Annual Corporate Governance Report



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