ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Does the company disclose a policy that describe the company's anti-corruption programmes and procedures?


YES. The Company policy on Anti-Corruption and Bribery is disclosed and posted in our website.

The Company believes that bribery and corruption are unethical, unacceptable and inconsistent with our founding principles. We are committed to maintaining the highest possible ethical standards and complying with all applicable laws. 

In our operations, we seek to avoid even the appearance of impropriety with respect to the actions of our directors, officers and employees.  This policy prohibits corrupt payments in all circumstances when dealing with government officials or private sector individuals

- Act lawfully, ethically and in the public interest 

- Prohibit bribery and corruption in our corporate dealings 

- Deter illegal or unethical behavior by clients, suppliers or government officials 

- Report any such violations based on the existing Whistleblowing Policy of the Company 



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