ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Is an annual performance assessment conducted of the board of directors/commissioners?


YES. The Board conducts, at the end of each calendar year, an annual self-assessment to evaluate the performance of the Board as a whole, the Board Committees and individual directors. The process includes an evaluation of the performance of the CEO. In addition, each Board Committee conducts an annual self-assessment of its performance. Members of the Board and the Board Committees accomplish their respective Self-Assessment Questionnaires for this purpose. Results of the assessment process are duly reported to the Board of Directors.

The Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire contains criteria that are based on leading practices and principles on good governance.

For the Board: Leadership, Roles and Responsibilities, Stewardship, Good governance principles (in relation to their function as stated in the By-Laws and CG Manual)

For the Board Committees: Performance, Compliance and Governance (in relation to their functions as stated in their respective Charters).

For Individual Directors: Specific Duties and Responsibilities of a Director (including understanding of the Company’s mission/ vision and values, independent judgment, and attendance and active participation at meetings).

For the President & CEO: Leadership, Stewardship, and Effectiveness will be assessed by the Board.



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