ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Does the company disclose how it implements and monitors compliance with the code of ethics or conduct?


YES. The Company discloses how it  implements and monitors compliance with the Code.    

All Directors, Officers and employees are required at the end of each year to sign a compliance checklist of the Code.  The Compliance Officer issues a certificate of compliance with the Code.  The Company has a designated helpdesk to answer queries of directors, officers and employees on the application of the Code.  The Company has a whistleblower policy whereby any person can report any violation of the Code.

The Company will take such disciplinary or preventive action as it deems appropriate to address any existing or potential violation of this Code brought to its attention. The Company will not tolerate retaliation for reports of violations of this Code made in good faith. 

In the preceding year, there were no violations of the Code committed by the Directors, Officers and employees of the Company.



1. Amended Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Page 4

Office of the Chief Compliance Officer
Tel. (632) 888 3000
Fax. (632) 816 7362