ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard


Do companies provide at least 21 days notice for all resolutions?


YES. The company provided the stockholders the Notice for all resolutions at least 21 days before the Annual Stockholders' Meeting (ASM) date.  The Definitive Information Statement (SEC Form 20-IS) and Notice of ASM were disclosed the PSE and SEC and posted in the company website on June 19, 2015, or 40 days prior to the ASM.  The same copies were distributed to the stockholders on June 29, 2015 or  30 days prior to the ASM on July 29, 2015. 

For the 2016 ASM, the Company first disclosed the announcement of ASM on March 31, 2016 and disclosed the Notice of Meeting and Agenda with rationale on May 23, 2016.



1. PSE EDGE Disclosure - Amended Notice of Annual Stockholders Meeting (posted on June 2, 2015)

2. PSDE EDGE Disclosure - 2015 Definitive Information Statement (SEC Form 20-IS) posted on June 19, 2015

3. Website - Corporate Governance/2015 Annual Stockholders' Meeting/Amended Notice of Meeting dated June 2, 2015

4. PSE EDGE Disclosure - Notice of Annual Stockholders' Meeting, March 31, 2016

5. PSE EDGE Disclosure - Amended Notice of Annual Stockholders Meeting and Agenda with rationale, May 23, 2016.





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